Hello, and welcome to the Frequent Fryers Club! We’re Rebecca and David, parents to a rambunctious six year old, an impatient two year old (she was six weeks early!), and our gorgeous Staffie Maia.

Food has always been a big part of our relationship – apart from the fact we’re two of the most hangry people you’ll ever meet – we’ve always enjoyed cooking together and eating out (are there really people that don’t enjoy these things?!).

David and Rebecca

We started our first website SlowCookerClub.com in 2009, which now receives millions of visitors annually and has been featured by some of the worlds biggest brands (John Lewis, MSN, Parade, to name a few).

FrequentFryersClub.com was started in 2022, after we found ourselves using this awesome invention more and more. In the current climate, where families across the country are keeping an eye on expenditure and cost of living, an air fryer helps us to produce amazing food, quickly!

Slow Cooker Club family

All of the recipes and associated content on our site are original recipes researched and written by us, after testing, testing, and testing again. Just like on SlowCookerClub.com, you won’t find rehashed recipes from other websites, or recipes that we’ve bought from someone and never cooked ourselves (yes, some less honest websites really do this). You might also find recipes strikingly similar to ours on other sites. As they say – imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

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